Thursday, November 17, 2011

God = Love

Day 5

Fifth day into my modified fast and I feel surprisingly well!  I feel calmed and hopeful!  I surprise myself waking to songs of praise in my heart and head.  I’ve doubly surprised myself by being faithful to my reading plan and resolve.

The prescribed reading yesterday was Psalms 119.  I was gripped with emotion at verse 8 where the psalmist writes “I will obey your order.  Please don’t leave me all alone”. NIRV

That cuts to the core of my fears.  Alone.  Separated from God.  Separated from love.  Don’t misunderstand me.  I love solitude and crave it horribly at times.  But this is different.  God’s love for us is declared throughout the scriptures but it’s more than that!  God is love! 

Anyone who does not love does not know God, because God is love.
1 John 4:8

The absence of God is the absence of love?  Does an atheist or agnostic claim there is no such thing as love?

Happy to note that one very important request of God has been answered very quickly and clearly.  Thank you Father for showing your mercy, love and favor on your children!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Seeking God

21 Day Prayer and Fasting

Pre Fast  Saturday, November 12 2011

I bolstered my resolve to begin this fast plan in earnest.  I do realize it must be a ‘modified’ fast for me to be able to physically carry through to the end.

Nutrition Plan
With that, I have decided my fast will be of liquids only.  Meaning soups (pureed), juice, milk, protein shakes and tea are fine.  I will be abstaining from sweet tea, soda, shakes other than protein shake and solid foods of any type.

What do I hope to accomplish?
I hope to gain a closer relationship with God. 
I hope to hear his voice. 
I hope him to guide me directly in a personal decision.
I hope him to heal Ruby and restore her sight.
I hope God himself will change my beloved's heart or align my heart with his.

Although I will not be writing all that I eat, I do plan on journaling each day.

I invite you to join me in this journey.  Please feel free to email me with any private question or comments or leave your comments here.

Day 1 Sunday, November 13 2011
I read through the selection from Daniel for Day 1.  When Daniel began his fast it was in sadness.  He was distressed by a vision from God telling of a great war.  Daniel’s fast was also modified.  He abstained from ‘rich’ food and no meat or wine.  At the end of his fast he had a vision of an angel.  It must have been visible because the others with him were afraid and ran away!  Daniel was also gripped with fear and fell face down on the ground!  The angel reassured him helping him to his feet and told him that God sent him to Daniel! 

“Do not be afraid”.  This is my favorite verse.  Kind of a cheat for a favorite verse because it recurs so often in scripture.  “Do not be afraid”.  Beautiful.  We are not to live in quaking, shaking boots but in joyful sneakers!

“You decided to get more understanding [through fasting and prayer].  You went without food as you worshiped your God.  Since the first day you did those things, your words were heard.  I have come to give you an answer”. – Daniel 10:12 NIRV

Wow! God heard Daniel’s prayers from the first day he decided to commit to his fast!  Not only was Daniel heard by God but God himself sent his personal messenger to give Daniel his answer!

Could it be that God is listening to me?  He must know that I’m actively seeking him.  Truly Awesome!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Listening for God's Voice

Recently, I've been praying over a particular subject.  Actually praying is putting it gently, rather I've been begging, imploring, searching for a definitive answer from God.

I decided that I should follow several biblical examples of some others before me seeking God's desire for them and have begun a time of fasting, prayer and study.

It seems that my Lord has pointed out some details I need to address through a blog called 'A Place Called Simplicty'.

I like to think that I'm a good person.  I encourage others, attend worship regularly, pray, and even teach an occasional Bible class.  But of course, I know there is more to do.

We are told, I am told in 2 Timothy to flee from evil and pursue righteousness, faith, love and peace.

Not hang around (evil) and check it out like a building on fire, but flee!  Run for it!  But what do I do?  I watch with eager eyes all the horrible pain and sadness that one man (or woman) can inflict on another!  I reason with myself and my heavenly Father. "It's only  tv".  "I need some downtime".  But all the while my head and heart are being filled with impure, degrading images.

Looks like my fast needs to extend to my entertainment habits!